Types of fungal infections


Fungal infection occurs when the body and the immune system no longer resist an invading fungus. it can be found in places such as water, air, soil plants and some fungal infections live and found naturally in human body. Most fungal infection is not serious at all. Individuals who have weakened immune system are likely to contract the fungal also a person who are taking some drugs too may be infected. to treat this you may use antifungal in form of cream, lotion, powder, and detergents like antifungal shampoo. There are several types of fungal infection that can affect skin, take a look

Athletes’ foot

This type of infection is normally associated with athletes and sports. When the legs sweat, it gives room for the fungal to multiply since the environment for them is conducive. Anyone who stays in a warmer place and wears shoes and socks is likely to be affected by the athlete’s shoes. The skin may scale and peel away leaving stinging or burning sensation in the affected area. Layers may start to break down and it will start itching. They are mostly treated with antifungal treatment. Keep the feet clean, allow a fresh air and make it dry up so that all the organisms are killed

Yeast infection

2It is caused by candida. Common types are; vaginal yeast infection, oral thrush, cutaneous candidiasis. Vaginal yeast infection is a fungus that lives in the vagina. It can cause swelling, itching discharge, and irritation. Occurs when due to an overgrowth of fungus or yeast imbalance. Candida infection occurs when an area is exposed to air for a longer duration the fungal will easily grow and rapidly spread since they have a favorable environment to grow. Oral thrush is infection formed in the mouth. Common in babies and people with asthma. The white lesions are formed in the tongue. Easily treated with prescribed medication


The fungus which lives on dead tissue causes ringworm. It is a skin infection has a red patch, with a round shape and can even spread into multiple rings. Ringworm is a contagious disease that can be spread from one person to another by sharing of personal belonging. Avoid coming into contact with an infected person. This infection is commonly found in children. can be treated by the use of antifungal medicines and also make use of antifungal detergents too when cleaning

Jock itch infection

It is another type of common fungal skin infection that grows rapidly in warm areas or during summer. Its symptoms are itching and burning in an infected area, a red rash with a ring shape and raised edges and peeling of the skin in the affected area. Found in some parts like inner thighs and buttock. You will easily identify it because of a particular look. Use medication and thoroughly clean the affected area and keep it dry to destroy the fungus



Fungal infections are common for both human beings and animals like dog, cat, pets among others. They are the harmful microorganism that invades in our bodies. Some of them are beneficial, and others are not. If you are not sure of the exact type, it is important for you to do a sample test with your doctor.

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