no. 53
December, 2009

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  • 10.Jun
  • 9 March, 2009
    ’61 Sentences in the form of 1 Long Paragraph
  • An introduction to the demi monograph ‘Xefirotarch’, just published by HUST Press in Beijing. The book documents the decade-long career of the Los Angeles-based architect (and frequent AA visitor) Hernan Diaz Alonso. The essay connects the surface sensibility of Xefirotarch to the sci-fi and special effects industries that surround the architect in his home town.

  • 27.May
  • 1 May, 2009
    ABC, Spain
    ‘Norman Foster, Q&A’, An interview with Michael Oldous.
  • A question and answer session with the Michael Oldous of the Instituto Empresa, in Madrid, on the occasion of the Prince of Asturias award given this year to Lord Foster. Prompted to discuss Foster’s contribution beyond the iconic buildings he and his practise have been long identified with, my interest remains in the ways in […]

  • 10.May
  • 30 March, 2009
    ‘Knowing Where the Bodies are Buried’
    Introduction to Denise Scott Brown: Collected Essays, 1962-2009’
  • An introduction to the new AA Words volume, a first-ever collection of writings by Denise Scott Brown. Denise is a modern master of the essay as a form of architectural culture, debate and discussion. In addition to being the author of some of the most influential architectural publications of the twentieth century, and her being […]

  • 10.Mar
  • 10 November, 2008
    Financial Times, London
    ‘Architecture in Between’
  • An extended interview by Linda Anderson of the FT, on the topic of the AA’s upcoming design workshop collaboration with the Instituto Empresa. The interview focuses on my interest in the contemporary convergence of architectural, business and management theories, which share similarities in their dependence upon non-linear and non-hierarchical forms of organisation; the importance of […]

  • To Press

  • 10.May
  • May, 2009
    ABC, Spain
    ‘Norman Foster, Q&A’,
  • An interview with Brett on this year’s award of the Prince of Asturias award to Norman Foster, in Madrid’s ABC newspaper.

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  • 10.May
  • March, 2009
    ‘Architecture as Light’
  • An introduction to Cinematic Architecture, on 15 years of the AA’s Dipl Unit 3.

  • 10.Apr
  • April, 2009
    Architecture Review, Sydney
  • A video recording in San Francisco today; of a conversation between Brett and Mark Burry, the Melbourne-based architect.

  • 10.Dec
  • Autumn, 2008
    ‘Architecture Comme Convergence’
  • ‘Architecture after Convergence’ surveys the trans-national workshops at the AA and six other leading schools of architecture completed in 2004.

  • 10.Aug
  • August, 2008
    Space Magazine Interview
  • An interview with journalists from Space Magazine, the Seoul-based journal of architecture. Topics included the contemporary convergence of research-based activities that connect architectural schools and offices in new and unexpected ways today.

  • 10.Jul
  • June, 2008
    ‘Schools Strike Back’
  • A front-page article by Liz Bury & Rory Olcayto in the  June 13 issue of Building Design includes Brett’s comments on the current state of architectural education in the UK.

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  • 18.May
  • Basle
    ‘Machines and Ornament’
  • ‘Cutting, Bending and Stacking by Code: Machines and Ornament in Architecture’ is an essay introducing ‘The New Materialists’ section of ‘Re-Sampling Ornament’, an  exhibition catalogue accompanying an upcoming exhibition at the Swiss Architecture Musueum, in Basle. The essay relates the work of three contemporary architects that make extensive use of robots, laser cutting and other […]

  • Talks

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  • 12.Jun
  • London
    Dubai Provocation
    12 June, 2009
  • A short presentation at the Aga Khan University, in London (Bedford Square–across from the AA), as part of this afternoon’s roundtable discussion ‘Re-Considering Dubai’. Dubai is the Rorshach Test of contemporary architecture and urbanism: a place architects love or hate; promote or deny. In an era where strong opininions are rare, Dubai is, momentarily, a […]

  • 22.Nov
  • Madrid
    IEAA Design Workshop
    21 November, 2009
  • Brett gives an introductory talk and welcome at the opening of a two-day design workshop by the AA School at the Instituto Empresa, one of the world’s leading business schools. The subject of the talk and workshop is the contemporary convergence of design and management theories, and the role of intelligent workplace design in the […]

  • 08.Oct
  • Amsterdam
  • A short lecture on the ways in which the AA School is adapting itself to the 21st century, given as part of a day-long conference titled ‘Re-inventing the Academy’, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.

  • 07.Sep
  • Malmo
    ‘Architecture Schools Must Burn’
  • ‘Architecture Schools Must Burn’ was the title of my talk yesterday at the end of a two-day international conference in Malmo, Sweden; a two-day event that brought together a half-dozen or so deans of architecture school around the world to address the theme of ‘positive’ schools of architecture. My focus: the need for architectural schools […]

  • 18.Aug
  • Seoul
    ‘From Design to Information: Archietcture v. 2.0′
  • Along with three of my tutors from the AA — Valentin Bostjes van Beek, Peter Ferreto, and Ricardo de Ostes — I presented a short overview of the AA School to the staff at the renown Seoul architectural office, Space Group. My topic: the convergence of distributed design sensibilities and networked design and creative platforms […]

  • Courses

  • 10.Nov
  • AA HTS Seminar
    ‘The Architectural Portfolio’
  • My annual seminar in the AA’s Diploma School turns its attention this year to the ways in which modern architects document and present their work. ‘The Architectural Portfolio’ surveys 20th century experiments by architects in how the compile and communicate the ideas within their projects. The first half of the term focuses on the evolution […]

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  • 19.May
  • AA 1st Year Studio
    ‘Hotels & Other Questions’
    ‘What is a Hotel, and Four other (More Interesting) Questions. Presented in the AA’s First Year studio, a short (and pretty random) survey of the euphoric role that travel, tourism and hotels have played in the projects and personalities of modern architecture. (As Le Corbusier once wrote, the only place he could ever really think, […]

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  • 10.Feb
  • 3rd Year AA HTS
    ‘Arch as Manifesto’
    My fourth and final lecture as part of this Spring Term’s ‘Architecture from Discipline to Cutlure’ course. An hour on the topic of architectural publications, magazines and other documents, and the way in which these have shaped twentieth-century architectural culture.

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  • 18.Jan
  • 3rd Year AA HTS
    ‘Arch as Plan’
  • Session One of my four courses in this Spring Term’s 3rd Year Histories & Theories Course, ‘Architecture From Discipline to Culture’. My four weekly sessions are titled ‘Architecture as Knowledge’. I’ll survey a different kind of architectural knowledge each week. Today: ‘Architecture as Plan’, on the modern history of plan-making operations.

  • Upcoming

  • 05.Jul
  • August, 2009
  • I host a one-day AA Visiting School event in Beijing, bringing together two-dozen emerging voices in China, exploring the topic of architectural education in the 21st century.

  • 05.Jul
  • August, 2009
  • A lecture as part of the Public Forum of events at this summer’s AA Visiting School in Shanghai. Likely topic, given the setting: architecture as velocity.

  • 05.Jul
  • July, 2009
  • CANCELLED 29.06.09: Owing to scheduling conflicts back at the AA, I’ve had to cancel  my trip to Tokyo to participate in this summer’s conference on architectural education. Best wishes to everyone there for a successful event, which has been organised by UCLA’s Hitoshi Abe and Tokyo University.

  • 05.Jul
  • July 10, 2009
    Stadelschule, Frankfurt
  • Brett delivers the 2009 Dean’s Honorary Lecture at the Stadelschule, in Frankfurt. ‘Back-end Realities’ will present the infrastructural realities of today’s distributed and collaborative learning and design cultures, and they ways they provoke–if not overthrow–the bias of singularity and signature architectural styles in modern architectural education.

  • 05.Jul
  • July 9, 2009
  • My lecture ‘Ambient architectural knowledge: Learning across networks’ coincides with the inauguration of Professor Achim Menges, at the Institute for Computational Architecture, at Stuttgart University.

  • 05.Jul
  • July 7, 2009
    Bauhaus Dessau
  • ‘Experimental Archietectures’ will present a modern and contemporary history of architectural learning, spanning from Gropius’ theft of Van de Velde’s invention of the modern archtiectural school, to the AA’s reverse-engineering of Thomas Edison’s research and development labs in Menlo Park.

  • 04.Jul
  • July 3, 2009
    Bedford Square
  • ‘The Urgency of Neighbourhoods’ is the theme of my speech at the 2009 AA Diploma-giving ceremony, held in Bedford Square.

  • Etc.

  • 05.Jul
  • Frei Otto Interview
    July, 2009
  • Upcoming: A day  with one of the world’s architectural giants: Frei Otto, in his hometown near Stuttgart, Germany. An interview and discussion with Frei on the legacy of  computational approaches to architectural and urban form.

  • 10.Jun
  • Reading OMA
    9 June, 2009
  • An afternoon with Rem Koolhaas and his collaborators, researching the books of OMA.

  • 05.Jun
  • Wonder Welcome
    5 June, 2009
  • A 10am welcome in the AA Lecture Hall, at the start of the day-long ‘Wonder Stories’ international symposium at the AA School today, organised by Liam Young (tomorrowsthoughtstoday) and Geoff Managh (bldgblog). A day on the convergence of science fiction, film and architecture. ‘Today, everything is becoming science fiction’–JG Ballard.

  • 29.May
  • Wolf Prix Students
    AA<29 May, 2009
  • I welcomed Wolf Prix’s Angewandte students from Vienna to the AA this afternoon, and presented 160 years of AA history in 20 minutes. Projects, personalities and conspiracy theories.

  • 24.May
  • Collab-/Convers-ation
    AA Salon<22 May, 2009
  • Brett moderates an evening discussion between three creative partnerships, on the topic of collaboration in the arts, part of this season’s AA Salon series.

  • 06.May
  • Editing Supercritical
    AA Publications
    6 May, 2009
  • I’m finally getting through the rough transcripts of my conversation with Peter Eisenman and Rem Koolhaas, scheduled to deliver the edit this spring, as ‘Supercritical’, v. 1 of our new AA Words series.

  • 10.Dec
  • P K-C Interview
    AA Director’s Office
    27 November, 2008
  • Brett interviews a modern architectural legend: Pafford Keating-Clay, on the occasion of his return to lecture at the AA sixty years after his graduation from the school. Stories, rumours and gossip from decades alongside Le Corbusier, Mies and others.

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